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Integral VoIP Solultion
IP telephony is gaining popularity while traditional private branch exchange (PBX) and key systems are in decline. With a compound annual growth rate exceeding 35 percent, IP PBXs are projected to become an integral part of VoIP solution deployments for business operations.
In this light, LevelOne is announcing the launch of an IP PBX specially designed to assist Small and Mid-sized Business to provide a secure SIP-enabled VoIP solution that allows them to take advantage VoIP technology.

Feature Rich, Secured and Easy to Manage
The LevelOne VOI-9200 is a feature rich, highly secured and advanced IP PBX that integrates traditional PBX services and VoIP services into one device.
The VOI-9200 IP PBX features a built-in Auto Attendant for internal and external attendant functions, a built-in Voice Mail server as well as all class 5 traditional PBX functions.
The IP PBX is easy to install and is SIP compatible. It allows for the registration of up to 30 extension numbers that is managed by a flexible routing plan to assist users to choose the lowest telephony service provider and route. It further supports NAT-T (NAT Transversal) to assist IP-phones to pass through NAT systems, reducing connectivity errors.
An outstanding feature of the IP PBX is its ability to manage conference calls and conference meetings in different locations, regardless the telephone system participants are using. PSTN, ITSP and internal lines are centrally managed and diverted to the locations where the call needs to be transferred. It also allows for a centralized control to set-up and maintain all IP phones registered on the IP PBX.

Bridge between PTSN and IP Networks
The VOI-9200 also acts as bridge that connects all branches and sites to the PSTN network, either using the service providerƒ??s VoIP infrastructure or a VoIP gateway on the premises.

User Friendly Web Based Management
This IP PBX is also remotely managed via the Internet. Fault monitoring, performance management, configuration, new extension registration and changes to current settings are all control locally or remotely via user friendly web browser interface.

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