HVE-9114VT HDMI  VGA 300m UTP Extender Transmitter 4-Port

HVE-9114VT HDMI VGA 300m UTP Extender Transmitter 4-Port

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Product Overview
The LevelOne HVE-91xx series of Cat.5 Audio/Video Extenders is an ideal PC, DVD player broadcast solution to transmit audio and video signals via Cat.5/6/7 cabling to multiple remote plasma or LCD monitor/screen.

Cost-effective Audio/Video Broadcasting over Ethernet
The HVE-91xx series make use of inexpensive Ethernet cabling to transmit and receive HDTV audio and video signals. Signals can be transmitted up to 300 meters away from the transmitting unit.

The AVE-91xx receives the signal and translates it back to its original form making it possible for the remote monitor/screen to display the original signal.?ÿ
Cable Kits for Different Applications
The units support VGA/SVGA/XGA TFT-LCD, LCDTV, PDP and DDC2B enabled projectors by using different format cable kits.

ƒ?› PC Cable Kit
VGA A/V with support for all VGA standards Max Resolution: 2048x1536 at 300m

ƒ?› TV Cable Kit
Composite/S-Video A/V?ÿ
Supports: 480i, 480p and 720i video format

Easy Installation
The compact Cat.5/6/7 Audio/Video extenders easily fit on a desk or where space is limited. No software or interface cards are needed. All repeaters and transmitters are plug-and-play orientated for quick installation.

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