AVF-1801 8-Channel BNC Fiber Optic Extender KIT

AVF-1801 8-Channel BNC Fiber Optic Extender KIT

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1. No RF interference or signal degradation over optical fiber

2. True Plug & Play design facilitates ease of installation

3. Transmits analog video signal over single fiber cable

4. LED indicator status for instance system monitoring

5. Transmit up to 20 km without optical attenuation

6. Uncompressed high-quality video transmission

7. -25?øC to 75?øC operating temperature range

8. No EMI and electromagnetic interference

The LevelOne AVF Video over Fiber Converter series is designed to transmit composite video signals over long distances via optical fiber. On the transmitting side, video signals are digitalized and converted to optical signals, then transmitted over the fiber link to the receiver. The receiver then converts the optical signal back to analog and displays the transmitted images on a monitor. LevelOneƒ??s AVF solutions provide analog surveillance and signage systems with the high-quality images and long-distance transmission achievable through optical fiber, enhancing the capabilities of a traditional deployment or upgrading a legacy system. An ideal solution for analog surveillance and Video Wall System applications.

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