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ProCon_GSW-2454 24-port Fast Ethernet/ 2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch LevelOneƒ??s new Gigabit Ethernet Switch, GSW-2454T is equipped with 24 10/100Mbps-port Fast Ethernet and 2 10/100/1000 Mbps-port connections. Based on familiar, proven Ethernet technology, GSW2454 provides 8.8Gbps of back-plane bandwidth to improve network performance and throughput for multi-media, video streaming and real-time broadcast applications. Each RJ-45 port can auto negotiate for the best possible performance running either in full or half duplex mode. Auto-MDIX is also supported on all ports which allows uplinking to another switch-free cross-over or straight cable selection. Half-and fullduplex flow control prevents packets from being dropped under heavy loading. The GSW-2454 supports ƒ??store and forwardƒ?� mode of operation to ensure that only whole packets with a good CRC are passed to the destination. GSW-2454 gigabit switch is "Plug-&-Play". It does not require software configuration. Users can immediately use any of the features of this product simply by attaching the cables and turning on the power. For instant error detection, the switch is equipped with a full range of LEDs to help you monitor and troubleshoot problems on your network. Offering compact design (441 mm x 161 mm x 44 mm) with a rack-mounted kit, the GSW-2454 can be mounted in an EIA standard size, 19ƒ?� Rack and placed in a wiring closet with other equipment to support reliable operations in extreme operating environments.

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