HVE-9111T HDMI over Cat.5 Transmitter, 300m

HVE-9111T HDMI over Cat.5 Transmitter, 300m

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The LevelOne HVE-91 HDMI Extender series offers a ground-breaking solution for long range HDMI deployments,?ÿextending the range of Ultra/Full HD?ÿ(4K/1080P)signal broadcasts up to 300 metres from the source. HDMI signals are distributed over Ethernet cables between the transmitters and receivers,?ÿproviding a crystal-clear,?ÿhigh-definition signal without the expense of using optical fiber.

The HVE-91 series features an in-built 4K Ultra HD video scaler,?ÿrevolutionary technology which enables the user to find the optimal signal,?ÿregardless of the input specifications.

The LevelOne HVE-9111T is a HDMI Transmitter with 1 HDMI local output port and 1 link port for connecting to 1 receiver.

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