POC-4001 8-Bay Media Converter Chassis

POC-4001 8-Bay Media Converter Chassis

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The POC-4001 can accommodate mixed VDS-0200/0201 & VDS-0202 and work with remote VDS-0200/0201 as central VDSL2 8-port Mux. VDS-0200/0201 are VDSL LAN Extenders providing roadband transmission up to 100/60Mbps for downstream / upstream over single pair copper line or coaxial cable (VDS-0202) for point-to-point Ethernet connectivity. With 100/60Mbps data rate, VDS-0200/0201 supports transmission distance up to 300 meters and 30/10 Mbps for 1km long range connection. Users may also select a fixed data rate or a fixed SNR margin for different copper line ranges. With plug and play features and quick installation time, a pair of VDS-0200/0201 offers a cost effective solution for bandwidth-hungry applications such as video streaming and FTTB over single twisted pair telephone line or coaxial cable. The POC-4001 allows the VDSL system to grow step by step. This means the system can be plugged in subject to instant demand and there is no need to pay for the additional hardware in advance. It is a flexible and economic method of investment.

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