POR-0120 Gigabit PoE Repeater, Cascadable

POR-0120 Gigabit PoE Repeater, Cascadable

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For system integrators looking for a professional solution to help extend their PoE network, POR-0120 is the perfect accessory to increase your Power over Ethernet network performance. LevelOne POR-0120, a 1-Port Gigabit PoE Repeater requiring neither configuration nor electrical power, is an innovative transmitter to pass on both data and power extend to another 100 meters. The delivery though one PoE port and one non-PoE port are adequate to extend network devices such as WLAN Access Points, Network Cameras and other appliances with high-speed to the network for greater deployment flexibility.

PoE Compliance
Our device features PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) capability, which carries electrical power along with data in a safe way using Ethernet cabling. Thus providing great cost savings by eliminating the need for additional power cables and outlets. In addition, it enhances flexibility, for instance, you can set up a PoE wireless access point in close proximity where the reception is better.

Easy Deployment
No software installation is required. Simply just plug and play as no external power supply is needed, due to all electrical power comes from the PSE (Power Sending Equipment), for instance, it could be a PoE Gigabit Ethernet Switch. Therefore the power source is centrally managed from one location easily and

Scalable Design
LevelOne network devices are the perfect solution to help you extend your existing PoE network. Normal
Ethernet cable, for example the cat5e standard, runs up to 100 meters, but with the installation of a single PoE repeater can increase the distance up to 200 meters. Furthermore, you can triple your range or even more by daisy-chaining multiple PoE repeaters.

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