POR-1220 Gigabit PoE Repeater, Outdoor, Cascadable, 802.3at PoE+

POR-1220 Gigabit PoE Repeater, Outdoor, Cascadable, 802.3at PoE+

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Extend the reach of your Gigabit PoE-Plus devices
For system integrators looking for a professional solution to help extend their Outdoor Gigabit PoE (802.3af/at) network, POR-1220 is the perfect accessory to increase your network performance.
Normal cable runs only reach 100 meters, but with POR-1220 installers can extend the PoE network performance up to 200 meters. Furthermore, you can triple your range or even more by daisy-chaining* multiple PoE repeaters.
* Maximum distance depends on the required Wattage of the PD.

Simple yet durable, no software required?ÿ

As a Gigabit PoE-Plus Repeater, POR-1220 receives all power from the Power Sending Equipment (PSE), such as a Gigabit PoE-Plus switch. This means that POR-1220 uses no external power supply, making it the most flexible option for system integrators looking for an easy, affordable solution to increase the distance to the attached devices. POR-1220 has 3 RJ-45 ports for easy deployment, 1 ƒ??INƒ?� port that accepts the power and data for the first 100 meters, and 2 ƒ??OUTƒ?� ports for 1 PoE (power + data) and 1 non-PoE (data only) installation, that boosts and extends the device an additional 100 meters.
POR-1220 is a long-ranged solution for deploying PoE IP Digital Signage and any Gigabit PoE PD powered by 802.3at Gigabit PSE.

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