VDS-0120 Ethernet over VDSL2 Converter (PSE)

VDS-0120 Ethernet over VDSL2 Converter (PSE)

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Overview for VDSL2 Media Converters
Ethernet over VDSL2 Media Converters are innovative solutions from LevelOne that greatly extend LAN distances. These media converters send Ethernet packets at extended distances by converting and then transmitting using advanced VDSL2 protocols. This allows system installers to use regular telephone wire (RJ-11) to reach incredible distance of up to 300meters with a maximum transfer speed of 100Mbps/60Mbps. These media converters reach 3 times farther than the regular Cat.5 Ethernet cabling. No additional network devices are needed; all data is transmitted using inexpensive, easy-to deploy RJ-11 telephone wiring.?ÿ

Can a media converter also act as a PSE?
In the 802.3af Power over Ethernet standard, a PSE stands for Power Sending Equipment, a device that can send power to another compatible device. VDS-0120 is an Ethernet to VDSL media converter as well as a PSE. In addition to sending data over an RJ-11 cable up to 300 meters, it can also send both power and data using the local RJ-45 port. This added functionality puts the most flexible deployment solutions right at the System Installers fingertips.

Fast data transfer rates, easy installation
Using VDSL technology, VDS-0120 allows users to achieve 100 Mbps download and 60 Mbps upload speeds. A great point-to-point networking solution for even the most bandwidth-hungry applications. With easy plug and play installation, SIs will have no problem using these simple yet powerful devices on their next project.

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