KVM-0217 17" Modular KVM Console

KVM-0217 17" Modular KVM Console

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Product Overview
The LevelOne KVM-0217 is a compact and modular KVM console drawer designed to be used in a standard 19-inch server rack. It offers connectivity to 8 or 16 computers by depending on the LevelOne KVM module that is installed (KCM-0831 or 1631). It features a 17-inch retractable LCD monitor and keyboard with built-in touchpad. Users can daisy chain up to seven KVM-0217 together, providing control of up to 128 computers in total. The LevelOne KVM-0217 provides a double layer password access control ensuring only authorized users have access to connected computers. It supports an administrator and 8 user accounts, each one with a separate and customizable profile.

Advanced Remote Management via optional modules
LevelOne also offers a unique module for remote server control. Just slide in the IP Console Module (ACC-2000) to?ÿoptional?ÿKCM-0831/1631 to access and manage the server farm over the Internet using a standard web browser. It supports a 1600x1200 pixel screen resolution for high-quality viewing.

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