USB-0503 Gigabit USB Network Adapter, USB Hub

USB-0503 Gigabit USB Network Adapter, USB Hub

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Fast and easy connection with USB
The LevelOne USB Hub and Gigabit Ethernet Combo Adapter allows you to connect to the internet easily through the built-in USB port on your laptop. Now you no longer need to have an Ethernet connection in order to surf the web. This is an ideal solution for MacBook or other Windows computers that may have wireless built-in but donƒ??t come with an Ethernet port. Sometimes you need to physically connect to a network cable to help transfer files or access secure information. The USB-0503 easily does the job, all through your USB port. The USB-0503 also combines a regular USB hub. So you can connect external USB peripherals, such as a MP3 player, digital camera, printer or pen drive. The USB-0503 establishes a direct point-to-point contact between the hub and the adapter that\\\'s plugged into your PC.

Reliable, efficient and standards compliant
The USB-0503 is USB 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 compliant. It also follows the Ethernet standards set by the IEEE 802.3/3u and 802.3ab, allowing you to take advantage of Gigabit Ethernet speeds of up to 1000Mbps. This provides a strong backbone for any high-speed broadband connection to the internet as well as fast speeds for the Local Area Network file transfers.

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